Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule formula: Chloramphenicol 500mg

Details regarding the application of Chloromycetin 500mg CapsuleChloromycetin 500mg Capsule Benefits: Chloramphenicol is utilized to address bacterial illnesses. It is employed in the management of certain kinds of severe infections induced by bacteria when alternative antibiotics are ineffective.

Interactions / Alerts

Intake of alcohol while using Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule may trigger indications like reddening of the skin, escalated pulse rate, queasiness, thirst, chest discomfort, and decreased blood pressure (Disulfiram response).


Taking Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule during pregnancy can pose serious risks to the unborn child. Research in animals has demonstrated significant harm to fetal development. Prior to administration, your physician will carefully evaluate the advantages and potential drawbacks. Seek guidance from your medical provider.

Professional recommendation

Your healthcare provider has authorized the use of Chloramphenicol to combat your infection and alleviate your symptoms.

Adhere strictly to the prescribed dosage schedule and complete the entire treatment regimen, irrespective of feeling relief. Premature discontinuation could lead to a reoccurrence of the infection with increased difficulty in treatment.

It is important to choose whether or not to consume this medication alongside meals.

Blood examinations may be conducted by your healthcare provider to monitor your blood cell levels before initiating therapy and on a regular basis thereafter.

Avoid using Chloramphenicol if you are expecting a child, looking to start a family, or nursing.

Notify your physician in case of any liver or kidney ailments.

Adverse reactions of Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule include Vomiting, Nausea, Diarrhea, and an alteration in taste.

To consume Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule, it is recommended to do so on an empty stomach.

Mechanism of action of Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule: Chloramphenicol, an antibiotic, hinders the proliferation of bacteria by obstructing the formation of crucial proteins necessary for the execution of pivotal tasks. This action results in the inhibition of bacterial multiplication rather than their direct destruction, leading to the resolution of the infection over time.

Question: Q. What is the timeframe for the effectiveness of Chloramphenicol?

Generally, Chloramphenicol initiates its efficacy shortly after ingestion, although it might require several days to eradicate all pathogenic bacteria and improve one's well-being. What should I do if I don't see improvement despite using Chloramphenicol? It is important to notify your doctor if you do not experience any relief even after completing the prescribed treatment. Additionally, inform your doctor if your condition worsens while on this medication.

Is it alright to discontinue Chloramphenicol once my symptoms improve? It is not advisable to stop taking Chloramphenicol prematurely. Ensure to complete the entire course of treatment, even if you start feeling better. Improvement in symptoms does not necessarily indicate that the infection has been fully eradicated. Interaction between medicine and illness: Chloromycetin 500mg Capsule should be taken on an empty stomach.


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